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The PDTDB is a freely accessible three-dimensional structural database for plant metabolites, drug targets and target-ligand complex. It contains information about plants, phytochemicals, medicinal uses, diseases, drug targets, symptoms, side-effects, drug action, natural remedies and molecular interactions. PDTDB provides keyword or accession number search, similar small molecule search using SMILES string or by drawing the 2D diagram of the chemical structure, small molecule with similar molecular formula search by clicking the hyperlinked molecular formula in the webpage, structure activity relationship search, and browse and/or search from the sortable tables to access the entries in the database. It supports 3D structure download and visualization for each molecule. Each record of the plants, phytochemicals, diseases and drug targets are hyperlinked to the related entries and reference to the original resource.

CITATION: Ashok Kumar, T., and Rajagopal, B. (2017). PDTDB – An Integrative Structural Database and Prediction Server for Plant Metabolites and Therapeutic Drug Targets. International Journal of Current Research. 9(2): 46537-46541. [Abstract] [PDF]

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