Supported Browsers

You can access PDTDB on your computer through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari. For optimal viewing and security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date. The details of the latest version of the browsers and currently accessing browser can be found at Browse Happy and What Browser respectively.

Screen Resolution

A screen resolution of 1024 × 600 or above is recommended for the best view of the PDTDB website. Currently, the PDTDB website is not compatible to view using mobile, smart phone, and tablet. The detail of your currently accessing screen / monitor resolution (in width and height) can be found at WhatIsMyScreenResolution or ScreenResolution. Also, you can confirm the needed resolution for the website you are going to access at Screenfly or ScreenCheck.

Browser Plugin

Most of the PDTDB web pages require JavaScript in order to function as designed. To fully access all of the website's features, Java plugin must be enabled in your browser. You can verify the status or availability of the Java plugin in your browser through the official Java plugin test page. A detailed list of Java and other plugin test is available at MozillaZine website.

Enable JavaScript

Each browser has its own security measure to allow or block plugins. A detailed documentation to enable the Java plugin in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari is available on the help page of the official site of Java.

Page Loading

If the web page loads slowly (or) does not display properly, check the internet connection speed and the web page size. If the problem still isn't solved, please check the firewall and antivirus software in your system.

Other Issues

For other issues, kindly report the problem to the PDTDB website administrator.