Accession Number: pdtdbp00025

Details of the Plant

Plant Name : Soursop
Alternative Names : Graviola, Brazilian Paw Paw, ஆத்தாப்பழம், காட்டு ஆத்தா, அன்னமுன்னா பழம், அண்ணவண்ணா பழம்
Scientific Name : Annona muricata
Medicinal Parts : Fruit, Leaf, Seed, Stem
Plant Category : Fruit
2° Metabolites (14/92) :
Annocatalin, Annohexocin, Annomonicin, Annomontacin, Annomuricatin A, Annomuricatin B, Annomuricin A, Annomuricin B, Annomuricin C, Annomuricin D, Annomuricin E, Annomutacin, Annonacin, Annonacinone, Annopentocin A, Annopentocin B, Annopentocin C, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Choline, Cirsimaritin, Clerodane, Cohibin A, Cohibin B, Cohibin C, Cohibin D, Corepoxylone, Coronin, Diterpenoids, Epicatechin, Fat, Germanium, Gigantetrocin, Gigantetrocin A, Gigantetrocin B, Gigantetrocinone, Gigantetronenin, Glycosides, Iron, Isoamerboin, Isovitexin, Magnesium, Manganese, Montanacin, Montecristin, Muracin A, Muracin B, Muracin C, Muracin D, Muracin E, Muracin F, Muracin G, Muri-catenol, Muricapentocin, Muricatalicin, Muricatalin, Muricatetrocin A, Muricatetrocin B, Muricatin D, Muricatocin A, Muricatocin B, Muricatocin C, Muricin H, Muricin I, Muricoreacin, Murihexocin 3, Murihexocin A, Murihexocin B, Murihexocin C, Murihexol, Murisolin, cis-Annonacin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein, Robustocin, Rolliniastatin 1, Rolliniastatin 2, Saba-delin, Sodium, Solamin, Uvariamicin I, Uvariamicin IV, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Xylomaticin, Zinc
Phytochemical IDs : pdtdbl00202, pdtdbl00203, pdtdbl00042, pdtdbl00039, pdtdbl00107, pdtdbl00008, pdtdbl00009, pdtdbl00010, pdtdbl00011, pdtdbl00012, pdtdbl00013, pdtdbl00016
Plant Description :

Annona muricata is a member of the family of Custard apple trees called Annonaceae and a species of the genus Annona known mostly for its edible fruits Anona. Annona muricata produces fruits that are usually called Soursop due to its slightly acidic taste when ripe.

A. muricata trees grew natively in the Caribbean and Central America but are now widely cultivated and in some areas, escaping and living on their own in tropical climates throughout the world. Annona muricata is a small, upright, evergreen that can grow to about 4 metres (13 ft) tall and cannot stand frost.

Actions of graviola are Analgesic, Anti-convulsant, Anti-depressant, Anti-dysenteric, Antibacterial, Antibiotic, Antiobesity, Antioxidant, Antiparasitic, Antispasmodic, Antitumoral, Antiviral, Arthritis treatment, Astringent, Blood cleanser, Blood vessels dilator, Cancer inhibitor, Cardiotonic, Cicatrizant, Depression relief, Digestion stimulator and regulator, Diuretic, Energetic/Stimulant, Fever-reducer, Free radicals fighter, Libido increaser, Pain relief, Purgative, Sedative, Sexual function promoter, Urination increaser, and Wormicidal.

Plant Keywords : Soursop, Annona muricata, Graviola, Brazilian Paw Paw, ஆத்தாப்பழம், காட்டு ஆத்தா, அன்னமுன்னா பழம், அண்ணவண்ணா பழம்
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