Accession Number: pdtdbp00026

Details of the Plant

Plant Name : Long Pepper
Alternative Names : Pipli, ஆதிமருந்து, திப்பிலி
Scientific Name : Piper longum
Medicinal Parts : Seed
Plant Category : Herb
2° Metabolites (16/47) :
α-Selinene, α-Thujene, Aristolactam A II, Aristolactam BII, (+)-Asarinin, β-Sitosterol, Cepharadione A, Cepharadione B, Cysteine, Daidzein, D-Aspartic acid, Diaeudesmin, Dihydrocarveol, Dihydropiperlonguminine, 4,5-Dioxodehydroasimilobine, dl-Serine, Fargesin, Guineensine (E,E,E-form), Longamide, Methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxycinnamate, N-Isobutyl-2,4-eicosadienamide (2E,4E-form), N-Isobutyl-2,4,8-eicosatrienamide (2E,4E,8Z-form), N-Isobutyl-2,4-octadecadienamide (2E,4E-form), Norcepharadione B, p-Cymene, Pellitorine (E,E-form), 2-Phenylethanol, Piper piperidine alkaloide I, Piperadione, Pipercide, Piperine, Piperlongine, Piperlonguminine (E,E-form), Pipernonaline, Piperolactam A, Piperolactam B, Piperundecalidine, Piplartine, Plantagoside, Pluviatilol, p-Methoxyacetophenone, p-Methoxy-trans-cinnamic acid ethyl ester, Sesamin, (+)-Sesamin, (-)-Sesamin, Sylvatine (E,E,E-form), Terpinolene
Phytochemical IDs : pdtdbl00213, pdtdbl00175, pdtdbl00214, pdtdbl00215, pdtdbl00027, pdtdbl00208, pdtdbl00209, pdtdbl00212, pdtdbl00210, pdtdbl00055, pdtdbl00211, pdtdbl00227, pdtdbl00204, pdtdbl00205, pdtdbl00207, pdtdbl00130
Plant Description :

Indian long pepper is used to improve appetite and digestion, as well as treat stomachache, heartburn, indigestion, intestinal gas, diarrhea, and cholera.

It is also used for lung problems including asthma, bronchitis, and cough.

Other uses include treatment of headache, toothache, vitamin B1 deficiency (beriberi), coma, epilepsy, fever, stroke, trouble sleeping (insomnia), leprosy, extreme tiredness, enlarged spleen, muscle pain, nasal discharge, paralysis, psoriasis, intestinal worms, snakebites, tetanus, thirst, tuberculosis, and tumors.

Some women use Indian long pepper during childbirth and during the 3-6 weeks following childbirth while the uterus returns to normal size. Women also use Indian long pepper to stimulate menstrual flow; to cause abortions; and to treat menstrual cramps, infertility, and loss of interest in sexual activity.

Plant Keywords : Long pepper, Piper longum, Pipli, ஆதிமருந்து, திப்பிலி
Plant References :
Long Pepper

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