Accession Number: pdtdbp00043

Details of the Plant

Plant Name : Khus Khus
Alternative Names : Khas Khas, Cuscus, Vetivert, Sugandhimula, வெட்டிவேர்
Scientific Name : Chrysopogon zizanioides
Medicinal Parts : Leaf, Root, Stem
Plant Category : Herb, Grass
2° Metabolites (2/27) :
α-Amorphene, Benzoic acid, δ-Cadinene, Calacorene, Calarene, Epizizanal, 5-Epiprezizane, 3-Epizizanol, Furfurol, Gurjunene, β-Humulene, Iso-khusimol, Khusimene, Khusimol, Khusimone, α-Muurolene, δ-Selinene, γ-Selinene, Terpinen-4-ol, Valencene, Valerenol, Vetivazulene, Vetivene, Vetivenyl Vetivenate, α-Longipinene, α-Vetivone, β-Vetivone
Phytochemical IDs : pdtdbl00113, pdtdbl00186
Plant Description :

Khus khus is a boon for farmers in warm climates, as it prevents soil erosion. As the plant grows exclusively downward, it helps to block the runoff of surface water and conserves soil. Hence, it is used to create boundaries for rice paddies.

The fragrant essential oil obtained from the plant root is quite famous throughout the world. It is used in high-end perfumes, for its fixative properties.

The mats made from khus khus plant are hung in the house, to cool rooms during summer. Moreover, they even add a pleasant aroma in the house, when sprinkled with water occasionally.

The herb is tied in a muslin cloth and added to the earthen pots filled with water, to lend its distinctive flavor and aroma to it.

It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that provide relief from inflammations in circulatory system and nervous system.

Khus khus is used to create a tonic bath, which is the reason why it is often included in high quality soaps. In addition, it finds an application in combat lice as well.

It is a boon for individuals suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, gout, muscular aches, dryness and cracking of skin etc.

The oil obtained from khus khus has sedative effect and aids in the treatment of emotional outbursts, such as anger, anxiety, epileptic and hysteric attacks, restlessness, nervousness, etc.

In manufacturing, vetiver is used as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages.

Plant Keywords : Khus Khus, Chrysopogon zizanioides, Khas Khas, Cuscus, Vetivert, Sugandhimula, வெட்டிவேர்
Plant References :
Khus Khus

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